Minecraft SSD Hosting

STUDIO 4 HOST is a leading provider for Minecraft Hosting services in Croatian with more than 70 + Minecraft servers that have more than 5GB of RAM.
All Minecraft servers are centered on dedicated servers specialized for Minecraft only.

Minecraft Server – Unlimited
– Unlimited number of slots (recommended up to 100 for a more comfortable playing)
– Unlimited Memory (Fair Usage up to 16 GB of RAM)
– Unlimited space on SSD Disk (Fair Usage up to 30 GB)
– Controlling Minecraft Server via Web Game Panel
(If you need the stability for your Minecraft server then we recommend ordering HR IP)

Minecraft Server – IP Germany (DE)
Price: 13.53 €/mo. -Order-
Minecraft Server – IP Croatia (HR)
Price: 14.89 €/mo. -Order-
Minecraft Server – AntiDDoS OVH
Price: 18,99 €/mo. -Order-

Server Information

Server Hardwer
– SSD (Solid State Disks)
– At least 32 GB of DDR3 RAM
– The slowest is CPU i7-3770@3.40GHz
– Daily & User Backup to a separate HDDs

Control Panel (console)
Minecraft Control Panel and console
Minecraft Server Console

Minimal installation of Linux with the latest version of Java, automated daily operating system update and minecraft installs (Minecraft_Server, Craftbukkit, Spigot).

Backup was originally designed to be a backup in case that SSD Disk brokes down and in order not to lose files from your Minecraft server, then we decided offer backup to server owners in case of the hacking server or if you update plugins and Minecraft server stops working.
Backup of the entire Minecraft server is done every night in time 2:00 to 3:00, and you can restore the backup any time from our game panel.

Why choose SSD Minecraft Server?
Since we first started with Minecraft hosting on HDD drives we saw that Minecraft servers makes very strong load on the CPU, memory and disk, and that Minecraft simply can not work well on these components and that is why we have decided to launch specialized Dedicated servers for Minecraft servers only that will have significantly higher hardware with SSD Disks.

First important difference is that SSD drives have a much smaller delay, it’s approximately 0.7ms while the HDD delay is 7-30ms which is a very big difference, you can look this like a ping to the server.

Another important difference is the speed of read and write data to discs as in Minecraft this is extremely important.